Support in low risk development process

Many small and mid-sized companies are continually being faced with new challenges regarding aggressive price strategies in internationally competitive markets, regulatory demands and rapid technological changes in light of ever new demanding challenges. Products become increasingly more complex, yet the demanded development times become ever shorter.

The FMEA methodology, as a substantial component among others, supports to focus in low risk development inside that complex settings.

Who we are

A small company,

specialized in product and process FMEA, since 2013.

Mr. Johannes Fellner, is able to support  in all FMEA items, based on longtime development experiences.




personal data & references



What we provide

Introduction/optimisation of FMEA methodology

Moderation of active Product & Process FMEA projects

Strategic support with the built of master/base FMEA

Training:   FMEA methodology
                   FMEA application/software

                   FMEA moderation skills