Personal data / background

  • Dipl. Ing FH for automotive technology
  • Manual chassis design work
  • Design work and training with CAD systems
  • Development responsibility for sealing systems and sensors
  • Installation and optimisation of development processes
  • Moderation of product and process FMEA
    with Excel, APIS and PLATO
  • Offer of global FMEA training;
    method details and software application
  • Development and global training of FMEA master structures
  • Since 2017 PLATO|PeakAvenue Certified Consultant
  • AIAG/VDA harmonization 2019 integrated in FMEA activities
  • Since 2022 offer of FMEA moderator training


  • Automotive body sealing systems
  • Fuel&Brake delivery systems
  • Automotive anti vibration systems
  • Automotive pressure -, air transfer systems
  • Anti finger trap protection sensors
  • Automotive exhaust technology
  • Ship power units
  • Automotive diverse functional parts of power units
  • High precision vacuum valve and bellows
  • Medical silicon parts
  • Medical instruments
  • Analysed production/administration process steps:
    sheet metal forming, precision milling, stamping, extrusion, injection molding, welding, coating, cleaning, weighing. filling, mixing, assembly man & autom., packaging, logistic